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Welcome to
Oakborn Kennels

How it Started

Let's start from the very beginning...


My name is Abe Turner, and I am the owner of Oakborn Kennels. This dream of owning a kennel started for me in 2016 without knowing it at the time. In February 2016, I brought home my first personal dog (Django). Django is a black lab and I found quickly that our relationship was deeper than just being "hunting buddies."


While training Django, I was also attending the Police Academy and beginning my career as a Law Enforcement Officer. I would be at the academy through the week anxiously waiting to go home so that I could train Django. Aside from being a stellar hunter, Django became a coping mechanism as Melissa (Co-Owner) and I endured the stresses of working in Law Enforcement. Our relationship grew with Django as we hunted farms up and down the Shenandoah Valley. Django displayed exceptional obedience, and hunting capability. No matter what the future holds, Django will remain the foundation for this dream of mine. Django has since been "retired" and now enjoys exclusive access to the couch and a nice warm fireplace.


Our goal is to continue to embrace a dog's capability while strengthening the dog/owner relationship. Whether it's in the field, or at home, our goal is to provide ample training for you and your dog. 


Facility & Grounds

Oakborn Kennels is located in Halifax County, Va. Our farm is 82 acres and has multiple walking trails, ponds, and fields that are ideal for training/exercise. Additionally, we have a climate-controlled kennel to accommodate your dog during their stay. The kennel has the following features: passcode locks, security cameras, three outdoor runs, and a mini split heating/cooling system. Whether it be boarding, basic obedience, or gundog training, we are confident that your dog will have a comfortable stay here at Oakborn Kennels.


 Oakborn Kennels offers the following services: Basic Obedience, Gun Dog Training, Puppy Head Start and limited boarding. In the future we hope to offer British Lab puppies and a guardian program. 

"The job of a good dog was ultimately to be with them, remaining by their sides no matter what courses their lives might take"

- W. Bruce Cameron

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