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Puppy Head Start

When you imagine what your puppy will be like when he/she is older, what do you think of? Do you imagine an out-of-control adult dog who jumps, doesn't listen, doesn't know "basic" commands, or who isn't socialized?

No? Us either! That is why it is EXTREMELY important to start training as soon as you get your new puppy. It is easier to establish good habits now than break bad habits when they are older.  

Our Puppy Head Start program is 4-weeks long and is for puppies between the ages of 8 weeks old and 6 months old.


The Process:

First of all, puppyhood is amazing! Who doesn't love puppies?? But it can also be very time consuming and sometimes frustrating. It is no secret that puppies need a lot of attention for the first few weeks and months. That is what we are for! We are able to take the time to positively associate them with their new role in the family. 

Puppy Head Start includes:

-Kennel Training/Potty training

-Introduction to vocabulary using food

-Learning to walk on a leash

-Socializing (with people and other dogs)

-Socialization to sights and sounds

Our typical vocabulary is "Come," "Sit," "Down," "Kennel," "No," "Place," and their name. 

They also learn household manners such as: no whining/barking, sitting before exiting their kennel/front door, no biting/nipping, and not jumping. 

How we train: 

We understand that puppies are going to be puppies. They want to have fun! That is why we train them in a way that gets them excited to train and get some of their energy out. We use clickers and treats to shape their behavior. This is also a way of positively associating them to new things. 


Starts at $1,400 for 4 weeks

Please call 540-407-1711 (Melissa) as rates will vary and spots are limited.

*Deposits are due upon confirmation of training date. The remaining balance is due upon dropoff.*

Discounts are available for 1st Responders, active military, and medical personnel 

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